Memories of Provence painted by Seonaid Ross France

Seonaid Ross

Memories of Provence

Provence, France, 30" by 30"


An enchanting little group on ancient dwellings painted in soft yellow-golds and one has the original stonework which is rough after many years of normal wear with stones of soft grey, rust , light browns and golden shades. The doors are tall and rustic and of a rust hue.The pathways are of several greys and pink tones reflected from a gargantuan swath of bougainvillaea which appears to capture three dwellings with its magnificent floral fuchsia blooms. There os a tall dark green strident cyprus tree in the background which contrast to the light greens of the small trees and bushes in the foreground which shows depth in the painting. One feels as though you could walk into this scene as the depth compelled you to do so. The sky is a deep blue indicating a bright sunny day in Provence and the main rooftop is typical of the area with tiles of the coral/soft orange colours.